Mekong Delta targets US$ 11.9 billion from exports

The Mekong Delta region has set to rake in US$ 11.9 billion  from exports in 2015, said Nguyen Phong Quang, Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee for the Southwestern Region.

Workers are processing Tra fish's export fillets. The Mekong Delta region has set to rake in 11.9 billion USD from exports in 2015, including 10.2 billion USD earned from rice and seafood. Photo: VNA

The figure will include US$ 10.2 billion earned from rice and seafood, which shows a rise of 21 percent from 2014.

To this end, regional localities will grow high-quality rice on 80 percent of the total rice fields, or 3.3 million hectares, in a bid to harvest an output of 25 million tonnes of paddy rice.

They strive to reap 3.7 tonnes of aquatic products from the farming areas of 800,000 hectares, he said.

The committee reported that in 2014, the region’s total export value reached US$ 11 billion, US$ 0.7 billion more than 2013’s figure.

Rice, aquatic products and apparel were among hard currency earners of the region during the year.

Rice and aquatic products brought home US$ 8.9 billion, accounting for 81 percent of the region’s total revenue.

Source: VNA

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