Ministry of Industry and Trade rejects supermarkets to open all day

Minister of Trade and Industry Tran Tuan Anh sent a dispatch to order the immediate stopping of the draft decree ruling that supermarkets must be open all day, announced the Ministry of Industry and Trade today. 

illustrative photo

illustrative photo

Previously, a draft proposal to submit to the Government on development and management of distribution industry was issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

However, several organs such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) expressed disagreements on the proposal.

VCCI argued that the Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade have been working to cut down the business conditions, aiming to reduce administrative procedures. However, some of the content in the draft are essentially aimed to add new operating conditions that cause difficulties to businesses.

For example, the draft stipulates definitions of supermarkets, trade centers, regulations on supermarket standards, trade centers, including the standards for minimum area, fire prevention, security, safety ...

In particular, the draft proposes the opening hours for supermarkets, trade centers: must be open all days of the week, including public holidays, at least from 10 am to 10 pm which VCCI supposes “a violation of the market regulations and the government shall not interfere ".

Thus, in the morning of June 28, the Ministry of Industry and Trade complied with the direction of Minister Tran Tuan Anh on ceasing the draft decree on development and management of the distribution sector.

translated by Tri Dan

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