MUTRAP III winds operations in Vietnam

The Multilateral Trade Assistance Project Vietnam III (MUTRAP III) sponsored by the European Union announced on May 30 that it had completed its activities in Vietnam after four years and will close its office in Hanoi on June 17, 2012.

In the last four years, the project has contributed significantly towards trade activities in Vietnam and helped Vietnam join many international trade organisations. It also helped the country to complete many international commitments. For the first time, the Vietnamese business community received consultancy in various international trade negotiations.

In four years, MUTRAP III successfully held 240 conferences and seminars, attracting 22,000 global participants.

MUTRAP III was run by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam in partnership with the European Union at a total investment of Euro 10.67 million, of which Euro 10 million was funded by the EU.

By Ng.Quang – Translated by Thuy Doan

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