Net foreign capital inflow on VN’s stock market sharply increases

Foreign capital inflows on the Vietnamese stock market reached nearly US$ 2.35 billion, equal to 80% of the net inflow of 2017 and much higher than the net entry level in 2016 (US$ 1.28 billion), reported the State Securities Commission (SSC) yesterday.

A trading session in HCMC exchange. (Picture: CAO THANG)

A trading session in HCMC exchange. (Picture: CAO THANG)

The figure showed that foreign investors are still confident in the short-term growth potential of the Vietnamese stock market and they are ready to disburse at the right time.

In May, foreign investors were net sellers in some sessions such as: May 21 (VND 436 billion), May 22 (VND 596 billion), May 25 (VND 508 billion). Foreign investors net sold VND 5,332 billion in both stock exchanges of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City until May 25. However, foreign capital inflows were still relatively high at US$ 615 million in April and US$ 809 million in May.

In the report on the security market, SSC said that after the sharp increase in the first quarter, reaching the highest level of 1,204 points on April 9, the stock market started to decline. From mid-May the market has tended to drop out strongly. The VN Index fell nearly 20% to 963.9 points on May 25 and continued to decline 24 points on May 28.

In the derivative market, the June and July contracts of VN30 index including top 30 stocks with the largest cap were traded at the same prices on the basic market in May. The trend showed that investors have had no clear assessment of VN30 index in the short term. According to the SSC, escrow deposits have increased since the beginning of the year, and began the trend of falling down from the end of April but were still remained in control.

by NGỌC QUANG - translated by Tri Dan

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