Paddy rice prices touch year high

The price of paddy rice in the Mekong Delta climbed to a year high as demand for rice exports was rising.

Long-seed paddy was bought at VND5,000-5,500 a kilo.

Low-quality rice variety IR50404 was also bought at a rather high price, VND4,600-4,800 a kilo.

However, most farmers in Mekong Delta had already sold their stock as this region had finished its third crop of the year. There were just a handful of places still harvesting, though available crops were still very limited.

The price of rice for export also rose.

Rice polishing plants in Can Tho City’s Cai Rang District bought rice at VND7,000-7,200 a kilo.

By Binh Dai – Translated by Da Nguyet

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