PM wants power sold at market rates

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has asked the energy sector to ensure adequate supply of power at market prices.

In response to an Electricity Sector Restructure Plan submitted by the Industry and Trade Ministry, he said the restructure has to ensure that the sector adopts a market mechanism.
While the sector can seek investment from all sources, the public sector would continue to play a major role, he said.
Enterprises like Electricity of Vietnam, the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group or PetroVietnam, and the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Group should remain major stakeholders in power generation, he said.
He ordered the ministry to allow power prices to be driven by the market and ensure that both investors and utilities get reasonable returns.
Power would be subsidized only for poor people and those living in rural, mountainous, and remote areas, he said.
The PM also instructed the ministry to review projects that have not been developed due to inability on investors’ part and transfer them to others. 

By N.Ha – Translated by Hoang Yen

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