Quicker Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi route proposed

A proposal to open a Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi route following 106 degrees east meridian has recently been suggested by a former pilot.

Graphic map of the proposed Ho Chi Minh-Hanoi flying route

In a letter to Sai Gon Giai Phong, Mai Trong Tuan suggests a direct route between the two cities, as currently planes veer eastward to remain in Vietnamese airspace. The proposed route would entail flying over Cambodia.

Mr. Tuan added that idea was first proposed in the ‘Vietnam Export Tourism Aviation’ project, attached map which was printed by the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Printing House in 1983.

The route could become a common aviation highway for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Mr. Tuan said.

The proposal was not originally approved by authorities, but overtime could prove its worth by cutting travel times between the two cities.
With the world becoming ever more connected and ASEAN countries working in partnership, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia could develop a common airspace to improve safety and economic development.

With planes following 106 degrees east, and not near or over water, it is easier to rescue planes in difficulty.

In terms of economic savings, the current Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi route is 1,200 kilometers long. Following the proposed route, this would be cut to 1,000 kilometers, shaving off 25 minutes and saving 5,000 liters of fuel.

Mr. Tuan said it is easier to open air routes than opening new land routes.

The idea is based on the principle that “the earth’s surface is limited, space is unlimited,” Mr. Tuan said.

By Thu Tuyet - Translated by Thanh Huong

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