Retail power tariff shortening to increase electricity prices

Most delegates at three seminars hosted by Vietnam Electricity (EVN) in the northern, central and southern regions have agreed with shortening of retail electricity tariff which will increase power prices, said EVN deputy director Dinh Quang Tri.

EVN workers operate an 110kv transmission station (Photo: SGGP)

The country’s largest power company had previously hosted seminars to collect opinions on the retail power tariff change and given three measures.

96 percent delegates at the seminars have agreed with the fifth scenario of the third measure, which will reduce the tariff’s levels to 3-4 instead of six as present.

This scenario will not affect households using less than 50kWh a month but will increase the price to those using from 50-100kWh and from 300kWh a month.

The above measure satisfied the Electricity Law and created conditions for businesses and consumers to examine and supervise electricity price, said the delegates.

They proposed EVN to limit the tariff’s change impact to poor and low income households who consume little electricity and extend the power output of the first level to 0-100kWh instead of 0-50kWh as present.

EVN is scheduled to work with the Electricity Regulatory Authority and consultant units to continue collecting public opinions and improving the retail power tariff.

Afterwards, it will synthesize opinions in a report and send it to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and then the Prime Minister to decide new retail power prices.

By Lac Phong – Translated by Hai Mien

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