Sand paintings exported to America

A Vietnamese company has exported 1000 sand paintings to America this month.

Workers are producing sand paintings in Van Thien Sa company.

Nguyen Huy Duy, director of the Van Tien Sa Panting Company, said that the paintings were priced at US$15- $60 per painting.

Moreover, the company has received orders from Europe and plans to export 200 sand paintings to Germany in the next few months.

The sand paintings are made by pouring natural sand of difference colors into a narrow space between two pieces of glass, creating many designs including landscapes and portraits.

While there is demand abroad for this new art, it is difficult to meet it because each piece is painstakingly produced by hand.

Duy has collected over 80 types of sand with different colours and has “painted” two of the largest sand paintings in the country, titled “Dance of Moonlight Night” and “Sunrise on River”.

Source Tuoitre newspaper – Translated by Thanh Huong.

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