Sharp fall in vegetable prices

On November 7, prices of many vegetables at Co.opMart Supermarket fell by 50 percent compared to prices in early September.

Currently, only some exotic vegetables are still expensive. Of which, broccoli and cauliflower sold from VND39,000-46,000 per kilo; katuk at VND25,000 per kilo; and potato at VND30,500 per kilo. Other common vegetables, including cucumber, kohlrabi and bitter melon were priced from VND7,900-12,000 per kilo. In the next few days, supply of vegetables is expected to increase and so prices will continue to drop further.

Nguyen Thanh Ha, deputy manager of Thu Duc Agriculture Wholesale Market, said that wholesale prices of vegetables had dropped but have now begun to steady. The volume of vegetables arriving at the market has increased significantly in the past three days, reaching 3,500-3,700 tons per day. Prices of many vegetables also fell drastically due to weak purchasing power.

With the current favorable weather prevailing, the supply of vegetables is expected to be plentiful during the coming Tet holidays.

However, although wholesale prices have dropped sharply, retail prices of vegetables in markets in HCMC still remain rather high. Compared to vegetable prices in supermarkets, prices of vegetables in the traditional markets were higher by VND3,000-5,000 per kilo.

By Thuy Hai – Translated by Thuy Doan

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