Solution for businesses in shortage of invoices

Many businesses are anxious about the printing houses’ delay in the invoice orders as the deadline for tax filing – April 1st – is approaching. SGGP Dau Tu Tai Chinh has caught up with Nguyen Trong Hanh, deputy head of the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Bureau, to interview about the issue.

The deadline for tax filing is approaching, but many businesses have not received invoice books from printing houses (Photo:tuoitrenews)

Dau Tu Tai Chinh Newspaper: Many businesses complaint that they have not received invoiced they had ordered from printing houses. Who is responsible for this problem?

Nguyen Trong Hanh: After receiving complaints from businesses, the HCMC Tax Bureau has inspected all printing houses in the city and found out the printing house Lien Son defaulted on around 5,000 invoice orders, of which 1,500 orders could be shared to other printing houses.

Lien Son cited many businesses placed orders with small volumes, but asked to print their own colorful logo, which took long time to print.

What is the solution for businesses?

According to the Ministry of Finance’s Circular No.13/2011/TT-BTC, state-run enterprises, businesses in industrial zones and hi-tech parks and companies with chartered capital of VND1 billion (US$50,000) or more are allowed to print value-added-tax invoice by their own.

Businesses, which have tax code, accounting software and healthy earning results, are also allowed to print invoices for their purchases of products and services. It is required that the invoice printing program must be connected with accounting programs.

But with the deadline of tax filing is fast approaching, where do businesses get the invoice printing program? And how much is it?

The General Department of Taxation has found out some eligible software developers, which can provide the printing and accounting programs that meet the requirements.

They are willing to help the department to offer local businesses the programs for free in 3-6 months.

Businesses who could not get invoices from the printing houses on time should submit their name, tax code and phone numbers (or website address) to the tax offices. The HCMC Tax Bureau has created an email address to receive businesses’ information.

Those who want to get the free printing and accounting programs should send their request to us. We will then send the request to the General Department of Taxation.

The HCMC Tax Bureau also set up a unit providing businesses guidelines on how to use the programs.

By Do Linh – Translated by Vu Minh

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