ACB Securities launches OTC service for unlisted equities

The Asia Commercial Bank Securities Company, or ACBS, has officially opened its over-the-counter trading floor for unlisted stocks at its branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi and Hai Phong.

Investors at an ACBS office in HCMC

The company will soon make the service available at all of its units nationwide, ACBS general director Nguyen Viet Hai said. “ACBS is preparing to connect its OTC trading floor with the transaction registration floor to be launched by the Ha Noi Securities Trading Center,” he added. 

Given with its OTC service, the HCMC-based company expects to introduce to investors an open investment opportunity in order to minimize pricing risks. ACBS is trading 14 unlisted stocks, including those of high liquidity such as the stocks of Viet Nam’s Eximbank, Dong A Bank, Dinh Vu Steel, Phu Nhuan Jewelry, and Hoa Sen Corporation.

ACBS started trial test of its OTC trading in June this year. The service enables investors to sell stocks right after they buy. If investors want to immediately get stocks they buy, they will get ownership immediately without waiting for procedures whereby ownership to be transferred from the seller to ACBS.

By Tuong Thuy

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