Business News Briefing

Ha Noi Stock Exchange (HNX) has just announced that Bao Thu Investment & Industrial development (BII with its chartered capital of VND 328billion) will issue for its first time of 32.8 million shares at a cost of VND 12,000 per share on September 22.

Tri Viet Investment Management Corp (TVC) on September 23 will also issue 6.9 million shares, costing of VND 12,500 per share.

Vietnam Investment & development Corp (IDI) announced that MBS has registered to sell 2 million shares from September 19 to October 7, aiming to reduce ownership rate to 9.46 percent, equal to 4.3 million shares. MBS earlier sold 554,000 shares out of 5.8 million. In first half 2014, IDI profited VND 52 billion, up 124.3 percent, compared to the same period of last year.

Tien Phong Information Technology Corp (ITD) has approved its loan plan of VND 20billion from Global Electricity Technology Corp (GLT) in 2 years. GLT is one of subsidiary Company of ITD.

Mobile World Group has approved its plan to issue more 49.2 million shares this year, aiming to increase its chartered capital up to VND 1,119billion.

PetroVietNam Biofuels Joint Stock Company (PVB) will organize shareholder meeting on September 24, aiming to announce the new office constructions with investment capital of VND 130billion down to VND 100billion. In first half of this year, PVB had net profit of VND 109billion, passing 24 percent of its yearly profit target.

Pan Pacific Corp (PAN) will issue 25 million shares for strategic investor in the country and abroad on quarter 4 of 2014 at a cost of VND 30,000 per share. However, these shares will not be transferred in one year at least.

Little Mountain Stone Corp (NNC) will add more VND 1.6billion from standby finance fund to issue 4.38million bonus shares for current shareholders with its ratio at 2:1. The balance of its investment development fund in end-2013 was VND 42.2billion and the standby finance fund was VND 23billion.

Central Electricity Investment & Development Corp (SEB) announced to end its shareholder list on September 26 and issue 7.5million bonus shares for current shareholders with ratio at 10:6 from its surplus fund, investment development fund and others.

ĐTTC- Translated by Thanh Tran

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