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Saigon Beer Transportation Joint Stock Company (SBC) received on August 21 a decision from the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange to get out of the warning status from August 23, 2012 as its net profit and post-tax undistributed profit in audited consolidated financial statements of the first six months of 2012 were positive numbers.

Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange warned Song Da Urban & Industrial Zone Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (SJS), HUD1 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (HU1), and Sacombank Securities Company (SBS) on August 21 for violating information disclosure regulations.

Le Thi Nam, head of the Board of Supervisors of OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (OPC), registered to sell 45,000 shares from August 24 to September 24 for family affairs. After the share sale, she is expected to hold 72,000 shares or 0.56 percent stake, compared to 117,000 units or 0.91 percent stake currently.

Duong Duc Tang, deputy CEO of Vinafco Joint Stock Corporation (VFC), registered to sell all his 44,769 shares for family finance from August 23 to September 23.

Vinafco Joint Stock Corporation (VFC) registered to buy back 2,843,576 treasury shares or 8.36 percent stake from August 23 to November 23 to ensure benefits for its shareholders. The firm will use its investment and development fund and retained earnings as of June 30, 2012 to conduct the transaction.
Lotus-Mekong River Equity Fund, a major shareholder of Son Ha International Corporation (SHI), registered to buy 200,000 shares from August 24 to September 22 for investment. After the share purchase, the fund will raise its holdings to 3,315,352 shares, 12.75 percent stake from 3,115,352 shares, 11.98 percent stake currently.

Ha Viet Investment JSC, member of the Fund Representative Board of Manulife Progressive Fund (MAFPF1), registered to sell 200,000 fund certificates to restructure its investment portfolio from August 24 to September 23. After the share trading, the firm is expected to hold 165,950 fund certificates or 0.78 percent stake compared to 365,950 units or 1.71 percent stake currently.

Phung Nguyen Ha, sister of Phung Tien Trung, head of the Board of Supervisors of FECON Foundation Engineering and Underground Construction Joint Stock Company (FCN), registered to sell 3,000 shares from August 24 to September 24, cutting her holdings to 4,762 shares, or 0.02 percent stake, to restructure investment portfolio.

Nguyen Van Hung, BOS member of CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company (CNG), registered to sell 5,680 shares from August 27 to September 26 for personal financial need. After the share sale, his holdings will be reduced to 5,695 shares from 11,375 units currently.

Nguyen Thanh Loan, daughter of Nguyen Thanh Nghia, chairman of Dai Thien Loc Corporation (DTL), registered to sell 950,000 shares from August 24 to September 24. After the share sale, she aims to cut her ownership to 5,685,708 shares, or 12.12 percent stake, from 6,635,708 units, or 14.146 percent stake currently.

Vu Thi Dung, wife of Ngo Quang Trung, vice chairman of Vietnam Petroleum Transport Joint Stock Company (VIP), sold 10,450 shares out of 10,457 shares registered to sell from July 18 to August 17 due to odd number of shares.

Dang Quang Hanh, brother of Dang Thi Hoang Yen, chairman of Tan Tao Investment - Industry Corporation (ITA) sold 2 million shares as registered from June 21 to August 20 for personal financial need, cutting his ownership to 3,000,303 shares, or 0.67 percent stake from 5,000,303 shares, or 1.12 percent stake earlier.

Na Ri Hamico Mineral Joint Stock Company (KSS) will hold its 2012 annual general meeting on September 17 this year at the company’s hall at Lung Hoan Hamlet, Xuat Hoa Commune, Bac Kan Town, Bac Kan Province.

Nguyen Xuan Phuong, brother of Nguyen Xuan Cuong, deputy CEO of Petro Vietnam Drilling and Well Services Corporation (PVD), sold 10,000 shares as registered from August 9 to 17 for personal expenses, reducing his ownership to 8 shares.

Red River Holding, a major shareholder of Minh Phu Seafood Corporation (MPC), failed to buy 500,000 shares as registered from July 16 to August 16 for short-term investment due to unfavorable market conditions. Red River Holding currently holds 6,628,290 shares or 9.47 percent stake in the firm.

Source: VnEconomy – Translated by Thuy Doan

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