Government bonds attract investors

Government bond market sharply increased in the first half of the year and its transaction reached the total trading value of 2012. 

The coupon of Government bonds was cut impressively by 1 -2.5 percent in comparison with the beginning of the year and followed the bank interest rate.

The Government held 117 auctions of bonds in the primary market in which the total winning bids rocketed from 52 percent in 2012 to nearly 69 percent in the first half of 2013.

The value of Government bonds traded pre day remarkably increased in the secondary market, worth VND 1,900 billion, double higher than the total value in 2012.

Foreign investor positively took part in the bond market with a total transaction value worth VND 100,000 billion, accounted for 80 percent of total trade value by foreign investors in the whole 2012.

By Ha My- Translated by Dan Que

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