Japanese Travel to Viet Nam for Stock Investment

Janpanese tourists flock to Viet Nam in search of benefits from investment opportunities.

Many Japanese are traveling to Viet Nam and other countries to invest in stocks due to low interest rates in Japanese banks (1% yearly), said  a representative of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation’s (JBIC) Osaka branch.

In recent years, the Southeast Asian region including Viet Nam has become a popular destination for Japanese elderly who tire of high living expenses in their country, Mr. Koyanagi- representative  of the bank said to SGGP at the Investment Opportunity Study Conference  Wednesday.

Moreover, Viet Nam’s ever-developing economy has also attracted many Japanese investors to the country in search of investment opportunities, he added.

Regarding to Vietnamese potential industries, Mr. Juichi Okuno, Head of Osaka Entrepreneur Group and President of the Asia Business Consulting Company commented Viet Nam also has great potential in its garment and machine assembling industries. What needs to be done now is to make the Vietnamese investment market known to the world and to improve its service industry,

Stock market in Viet Nam is likely very attractive in the eye of foreigners. (Photo:TK)

Moreover, according to Mr. Arahata, a representative of JBIC’s Osaka branch, investors nowadays enjoy more favorable conditions in which to carry out their business plans in Viet Nam.

However, he added, Viet Nam’s underdeveloped infrastructure and unskilled workforce still exist as main concerns for foreign investors. Viet Nam will have to pay more attention to these problems if it wants to attract more investors.

The Investment Opportunity Study Conference was held in HCMC among the International Business Organization of Osaka and 50 entrepreneurs of HCMC. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong, Vice President of HCMC People’s Committee, delivered a promise to provide foreign investors with favorable conditions for business and expressed her hope to strengthen the ties between HCMC and the city of Osaka.

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By TH.H & B.T – Translated by Khanh Hong

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