PET, TNG, DQC announce first nine month’s revenue

Petrol Service Corp (PET) announced Petro Vietnam has registered to sell 7 million shares starting November 11, aiming to reduce its ownership ratio at 25.24 percent, equivalent to 17.63 million shares. PET profited VND 143billion for the first nine months and fulfilling 97.2 percent of its yearly target.

TNG Trade & Investment Corp (TNG) announced in October alone TNG’s revenue reached VND 117billion, profited VND 7billion. Accumulation of the first 10 month’s revenue gained VND 1,146billion, gross profit of VND 45billion, fulfilling 90 percent of its yearly target. TNG has manufacturing products for famous brands such as GAP, CK, Mango, Columbia, Walmart…

Dien Quang Lamp Corp (DQC) announced its quarter 3’ s business result profited VND 102billion, up three fold compared to the same period last year. Accumulation of first nine months, DQC profited nearly VND 175billion, passing its yearly target (VND 62.4billion).

Tasco Corp (HUT) approved its plan to sell 20million shares for strategy investors with a cost of VND 10,000 per share and issue 100,000 debenture bonds. If the transaction gets success, it will invest to expand BOT National Highway 1A project in Quang Binh province.

DTTC –Translated by M.Quyen

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