Stock Market Catches a Healthy Breath

The VN-Index today continued to enjoy an impressive gain of 28 points to close at 658.29 with 25 million shares changing hands. Meanwhile, the HASTC-Index gained a whooping 7.56 points to close at 233.11 with 12 million shares changed hand.

VN-Index sees green lights today 

There were 114 gainers, 62 of which rose up to the limit set by the market. However, some experts were a little worried about the prospects of VN-Index. A negative business result caused 32 shares to drop today.
There was a high volume of selling orders for three blue chips: Sacombank (STB), Phu My Fertilizer and Chemicals (DPM) and Saigon Securities (SSI). Investors were quite interested in STB and DPM and bought many of these shares on the southern bourse.
Moreover, both STB and DPM remain above or at the ceiling price. This result did a lot force the index higher.
Blue chip STB enjoyed a massive trading with a total 3.67 million shares changing hands. The stock gained VND 1,700. Meanwhile, buying orders of DPM exceeded selling orders. Investors placed orders for 3 million shares, but the bourse had only 2 million shares to sell.
Some 2.05 million DPM, 749,000 FPT Corporation (FPT), 570,000 Pha Lai Thermal Power (PPC), 664,000 REE Technology (REE), 517,000 Saigon Cables and Telecommunication Materials (SAM) and 499,000 Hapaco (HAP) shares also changed hands in today’s trading.
The Prudential Balanced Fund (PRUBF1) saw 1.32 million fund certificates traded.

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By Tuong Chau – Translated by Truong Son

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