VN-Index Crawls Back Above 1,100

The VN-Index rose by 7.31 points to 1,104.67 at the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange on Wednesday, the second time it has exceeded the 1,100 level in the past six months.

Sacombank (STB) was no longer the main force pushing the market upwards. By the end of the session, in fact, everybody’s recent favorite had dropped by VND1,500.

Other big caps, meanwhile, continued to perform well. Sudico (SJS) put on VND7,000, Vinamilk (VNM) and Kinh Do Food (KDC) added VND5,000, Thu Duc House (TDH) rose VND4,000, and Petro Vietnam Drilling and Well Services (PVD) went up by VND3,000.

The three newcomers to the bourse, Vitaco (VTO), Vung Tau House Development (HDC) and Techno-Agricultural Supply (TSC), also went down well with the share-buying community with the number of buy orders overwhelming the orders to sell.

The best performers on the day were Viet Nam Petroleum Transport (VIP) and PetroVietnam Tourism and Service (PET), which both rose limit up to close at VND71,500 and VND94,500 respectively, generating lots of excitement in the process.

So too did Vietnam Electricity Construction (VNE) and Ho Chi Minh City Technical Infrastructure Investment (CII), which reversed course and made some decent gains.

By Ba Tan, Cat Tri – Translated by Khanh Hong

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