Unfavorable weather raises vegetable prices

Heavy rains and high tide over the last few days has suddenly raised the price of many vegetables in provinces in the Mekong Delta.

In most central markets in cities like Can Tho, Vi Thanh, and Vinh Long, the price of lettuce was around VND25,000-27,000 per kilogram, an increase of VND10,000 per kilo over the previous month. The price of other popular vegetables such as malabar nightshade, mustard green and bok choy, climbed to around VND15,000-16,000 per kilo.

Bitter melon surged by VND4,000-6,000 per kilo compared to that in September. The price of scallion, in particular, doubled from VND10,000-12,000 per kilo to VND20,000 per kilo. Watercress jumped to VND40,000-45,000 per kilo.

According to the Department of Economics of Binh Minh District in Vinh Long Province, prices of vegetables rose sharply because now there is lesser amount of vegetable to harvest while farmers have been unable to replant due to continuous rainfall and high tide flooding.

Apparently farmers will be unable to sow their next vegetable crop until the end of lunar October, when vegetable prices may start to fall.

By D.Tuyen – Translated by Thuy Doan

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