US Businesses Eager to Invest in VN: Commerce Asst Secretary

US Commerce Assistant Secretary Israel Hernandez told Vietnamese reporters yesterday that he was impressed by Viet Nam’s economic development and wanted to seriously discuss further expanding economic and business bilateral relations during his Viet Nam visit over 16-20 June.

US Commerce Assistant Secretary Israel Hernandez

He said his delegation will work with officials in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City to draw up strategic long-term plans.

Relations between the two countries have been developing fast during the past 7 years since they signed the BTA or bilateral trade agreement.

Asked about his visit to Viet Nam during its economically difficult times with high inflation and a sliding stock market, Hernandez said many big economies also experience similar problems.

The Vietnamese government has been carrying out steps that are in line with a market economy. He cited Viet Nam’s joining the BTA and the World Trade Organization as examples.

Since 2001, US’ investment in the Southeast Asian country has been developing gradually and robustly and that the US wants to sell more of its products to the Vietnamese, Hernandez said.

He added that small and medium-sized businesses in the US are very eager to invest in Viet Nam.

Translated from a Vietnamese article by Thanh Nam

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