Used Car Purchase Procedure

In a second-hand car showroom.

Purchasing a used car at a dealer, you can negotiate for a package of all formalities done by the dealer, including the transfer of onwership, the change of registration papers. However, do-it-yourself people should do the following.

1. Making a sale contract:

This is the first step that the seller and the buyer have to do after inspecting the car; checking the documents; and settling on a purchase price and other terms.

Next, either the seller or the buyer (usually buyer) will have to get notarization on the purchasing contract. Copies of Registration, Inspection Report, Insurance, ID cards of the seller and the buyer (copies) should be ready.

Both sides will re-check the contract wording and then sign it with a witness of a notary officer. Then the officer will certify the purchase. The notary charge is US$10.

2. Paying the registration fees:

This is a very important step. The buyer will have to take the used car’s documents and the notarized contract to the local tax office to pay the registration fees, which is usually 2% for 4-seaters.

After that, the buyer has to take the documents along with the registration fee docket to the local police office to register the car. When purchasing a used car which is not registered at his or her province, the buyer will have to ask the seller to take out the car’s original documents at the police office where it is registered. It is called area changing process.

At the police office, buyers will receive a registration form for automobile (the signature of the buyer required), then they will have to imprint and attached the chassis and engine number on the form.

In case of buying cars of the same province, the license number will not be changed, and buyers will have the renewed registration in 10 days. If buyers have to take the area changing process, they will be granted a new number plate and new registration paper.

3. Changing and inspecting the registration paper:

If buying a used car which is not registered at their province, buyers will have to ask sellers withdraw the original documents at the local registry. The registry office will ask the buyers to take out the civil liability insurance.

The used car will also have to be inspected in order to renew the registration paper. If the car license number is changed, so will the registration paper. Inspecting charge is US$8.75.

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By Nhan Muc – Translated by Hoang Uy

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