Viet Nam Bank Card Promotes ATM Network Alliances

ATM/POS - VNBC UNICARD link estalishment ceremony
Hoping to provide customers the best services, many Vietnamese banks have cooperated closely in electronic financial management field, among which is the ATM network.

In the beginning of 2005, the Eastern Asia Commercial Bank (EAB) operated the ATM network Viet Nam Bank Card (VNBC), the first two members of EAB and the Saigon Bank for Industry and Trade (Saigon Bank).

Thus, the VNBC becomes one of the three major ATM systems in Viet Nam, which draw lots of local and overseas banks’ cooperation.

More member banks to ATM network

The cooperation between VNBC and other banks helps to open widely the banks’ function and improve the stability of the whole system in case one bank member got trouble.

ATM Cardholders of the EAB’s automatic teller machine network VNBC can enjoy many services offered by the VNBC including making payments, withdrawing cash, checking account.

In Dec 2005, two more local banks joined the VNBC services, teaming up with a Chinese partner to extend card service to domestic and foreign cardholders.

The two new banks are the State-owned Housing Bank of Mekong Delta (MHB) and the Hanoi Building Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (Habubank).

EAB has also signed an agreement with China Union Pay (CUP), the largest card network in China with 900 million cardholders, 67,000 ATMs and 152 affiliated banks.

Chinese visitors to Viet Nam who hold CUP credit and debit cards can withdraw cash from the ATMs or POSs of VNBC. Besides, in the near future, Vietnamese visitors to China will enjoy a same service, said an official of the VNBC.

According to Nguyen Phuoc Hoa, General Director of MBH, it was uneconomically inconvenient as banks ran their ATM network individually, causing a lot of troubles to cardholders if they wanted to make their transaction with different banks.

With a wide network of over 100 branches spreading in 30 cities and provinces of Viet Nam, MHB cardholders will be eligible to undertake transactions at the 178 ATMs of VNBC.

Efforts to offer more services

New ATM model of VNBC is believed to be the most modern one with many advanced functions.

"The member banks always cooperate closely to ensure the network’s security and quickly give solutions whenever the customers have difficulties," said Tran Phuong Binh, General Director of the EAB.


Also, the EAB is willing to share its experiences and techniques with other members, helping them to build up a technical system as well as apply modern technologies in ATM network management.

Recently, a modern H35 ATM model has been installed by the VNBC in Viet Nam.

This model is believed to be the most modern one with many advanced functions and the bank plans to install about 200 to 300 ATMs of this in 2006, said an official.

Up to now, the VNBC has 500,000 cardholders and expectedly to install over 1,000 ATMs to the end of 2006.

Besides, the VNBC plans to introduce Visa Debit service after it connects to the Visanet, an international network that allows Visa cardholders make transactions to at visa transaction counters all over the world

Of the eight leading Vietnamese banks offering Visa Debit service, the EAB will be the only bank which does not charge the Visa cardholders on the withdrawing fee

Reportedly, the EAB is planning to link VNBC with the Citibank (USA), offering a convenient and highly secure cashless payment tool which enables customers to pay for goods and services at point-of-sale facilities.

By T N – Translated by: Trong Khuong

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