Viet Nam National Trademark Program launched

According to the Trade Promotion Department under the Ministry of Trade, the criterion system for choosing trademarks and products for the Viet Nam national trademark program is scheduled to be made public this mid-year.

Qualified enterprises will be labeled “Viet Nam Value Inside”. The Department is in urgent to start the program from the beginning of 2006. 
The common criteria of national trademark have not been agreed though the program was approved by the Government in 2003. Many experts and enterprises think that building a common symbol for Viet Nam should be considered thoroughly. Therefore, the Department has decided to employ a consultant to help build and complete the process of and the criterion system for choosing product trademarks participating in the Viet Nam national trademark program.
Besides, in 2006, this program will begin an activity of selecting enterprises to award the Prime Minister’s export prize, and also support enterprises to establish business capacity and develop their trademarks.

By D.L. - Translated by Yen Chuong

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