Vietnam bans import of machines older than 10 years

Businesses are still banned from importing secondhand machines, equipment and technologies more than ten year old in Circular 23 issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology yesterday.
Taking effect from July 1, next year, it will replace last year released Circular 20 on import of secondhand machines and technologies.
According to the new circular, used machines must meet technical standards of Vietnam or G7 nations on energy saving and environmental protection.
Businesses will be allowed to import handed down components and accessories when they need to repair machines or replace equipment under operation at their companies. They can import themselves or authorize other companies to do that.
Circular 20 has raised objections from businesses who said many regulations unreasonable and unnecessary with more complicated, costly and time-consuming procedures.
One of the most objected regulation was on the age of secondhand machines which must be ten year old or younger, which has been kept unchanged in the new circular.

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By Tuong Han – Translated by Hai Mien

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