Vietnam levies anti-dumping measures on imported aluminum products

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has recently promulgated the Decision No.2942/QD-BCT on officially imposing anti-dumping duties on some extruded aluminum bar products from China.
Accordingly, the temporary anti-dumping taxes levied on Chinese exporters of extruded aluminum bar products are from 2.49 percent to 35.58 percent. The number of Chinese producers being investigated in this case is 16 enterprises.

The investigation was carried out in accordance with regulations of the World Trade Organization, the Law on Foreign Trade Management and relevant regulations. The investigation’s result showed that domestic aluminum manufacturing industry has been suffering seriously in the past years with most enterprises enduring losses, several production lines being halted operation and a large number of workers being laid off. The main reason that leads to the aforesaid situation is that Chinese aluminum products are being dumped at a range from 2.49 percent to 35.58 percent.

Statistics showed that, the volume of extruded aluminum bar imported to Vietnam from China was up to 62,000 tons last year, nearly doubling import volume in 2017. This does not include the large amount of imported aluminum which was sent to export processing zones to produce export products.

Last year, the US carried out investigation about tax avoidance on some extruded aluminum products imported from Vietnam. Two weeks ago, the US announced that it would apply tariffs of up to 374.15 percent on these products of Vietnam.

The imposition of antidumping measures on some extruded aluminum bar products will help to ease pressure for domestic manufacturers and at the same time prevent tax-avoiding products from China to Vietnam.

By Lac Phong – Translated by Thuy Doan

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