Vietnam to tighten control steel import since March 21

Customs Department will clear steel products to which test results from related agencies are attached, said the department yesterday.

The regulation will be effective since March 21.

This complies with the regulation introduced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Science and Technology on locally-made and imported steel products. As per the regulation, Customs Department will clear products after companies present product quality test result issued by responsible agencies.

For special steel kinds, export-import companies must show a steel product list issued by the Department of Heavy Industry under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a copy of import certificate issued by the Ministry.

Customs Department and the departments of Industry and Trade and the departments of Science and Technology in major cities and provinces are responsible for handling imported steel products which failed to meet the nation’s quality standard.  The departments must also keep an eye on importing steel and provide the number of steel products imported into the country.

Meanwhile, importers will be held accountable for steel quality which must meet the country’s standard.

The Industry and Trade Minister last week issued a temporary decision against imported steel billet and coated steel to protect local steel companies after home steel manufacturers sent their appeal to the ministry, demanding the implementation of measures to prevent imported coated steel sheets from being sold at cheap prices in Vietnam, causing huge losses for local steel producers.

Steel billet and coated steel will be imposed a tariff of 23,3 percent and 14,2 percent respectively within 200 days.

The tariff will not be imposed on commodities originating from an underdeveloped country if total volume of its imported goods into Vietnam do not exceed 3 percent of the whole investigated imported goods in the country.

By Cam Nhi – Translated by Anh Quan

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