Vietnamese workers to return to Libya

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs has instructed local businesses to begin sending Vietnamese guest workers back to work in Libya.

Vietnam’s guest workers in Libyan two years ago (photo Dantri)

The Libyan political crisis two years ago had forced Vietnam to withdraw more than 10,000 guest workers. The situation has since stabilized and Libya’s guest worker demand has now once again increased. Around 700 guest workers have already returned to construction work in the country.

To protect workers’ legitimate rights, the ministry has asked businesses to obey minimum salary regulations and other conditions that will benefit laborers.

If guest workers are forced to return home earlier than scheduled, due to any reason, brokers should refund 50 percent of their fees. Labor contracts should include provision to ensure security for laborers in emergency cases.

Soucre SGGP, translated by MT

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