VN-Index recovers nearly 16 points after tumble on previous day

Losing nearly 30 points in the previous session, VN-Index on May 11successfully recovered at the threshold of 1,015 points, helping the stock market end green on the week’s last trading day.

VN-Index recovers nearly 16 points after  tumble on previous day

In the morning session, selling-out momentum continued to make VN-Index plunge down to 1,015 points. At this level in the afternoon session, the bottom catching force appeared, especially at the big stock codes and banks, dragging the VN Index then sharply increased. In the afternoon, a money inflow appeared and strongly shored up VN Index.

The sell-off orders were absorbed by the market, large cap stocks and banks increased significantly: VIC increased 2.9%, GAS increased 5.81%, VCB increased 2.48%, BID increased 3.98%; CTG increased 5.00%;. In the last trading session of the week, VN-Index gained 15.98 points (55%) to 1,044.85 with 143 shares increased, 125 shares decreased and 89 stocks remained unchanged. VN30 Index also increased by 11.1 points to 1,030.79 with 19 gainers, 9 losers and 2 unchanged stocks.

HNX Index on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) inched up 1.82 points to 122.77 points, with 92 gainers, 78 losers and 217 unchanged stocks and UPCoM Index on the Unlisted Public Company Market (UPCoM) was up 0.05 point to 56.08 points.

On the HCM Stock Exchange (HOSE), sellers still dominated in the morning, making the benchmark index fluctuate around 1,020 points.

Prices of key stocks bounced back with such shares as SAB, VIC, GAS, VIC, BID and CTG standing higher than the reference point at the end of the trading session.

Bank stocks grew by 3.29 percent while utilities and property stocks respectively rose by 4.89 percent and 2.35 percent.

However, Liquidity fell sharply on May 11. Total transaction value of the market was low, indicating that cash flow is still out and not ready to enter the market at this time. Total trading volume reached 194 million shares, worth over VND4,900 billion (209.4 million USD) of which put-through transactions amounted to VND660 billion.  

by NHUNG NGUYỄN - translated by Tri Dan

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