‘2008 Golden Kite Awards’

The annual awards for film-making in Vietnam, ‘Canh dieu vang’ (‘Golden Kite’), were presented at the Friendship Culture Palace in Ha Noi March 1.

Hong Anh receiving the Golden Kite for Best Actress (Photo: SGGP)

The award categories are: celluloid feature film, TV series,  video feature film, celluloid documentary feature, video documentary feature, Science Feature, Animated Feature Film and Commentaries.
In the category of Celluloid feature film, no films we qualified for the Golden Kite while ‘Huyen thoai bat tu’ (‘Immortal legend’) and ‘Trang noi day gieng’ (‘Moon at the bottom of the well’) shared the Silver Kite. The consolation prize went to ‘Chuyen tinh xa xu’ (‘Untitled love story’).
The story of three people, a 10 year-old orphan, a beautiful stewardess and a zookeeper, who meet by chance on a busy road in Ho Chi Minh City ,‘Cu va chim se se’ (‘Owl and sparrow’), by the American director Stephen Gauger and Chanh Phuong Films, received the Best Foreign Collaboration Feature Film award.
Best actor and best actress, respectively, went to Dustin Tri Nguyen for his role as Long in the ‘Huyen thoai bat tu’ and Hong Anh for her role as Hanh in the ‘Trang noi day gieng’.

Tran Bao Son, who plays Son in ‘Huyen thoai bat tu,’ and Kathy Uyen, who plays Tiffany – a Vietnamese American in the ‘Chuyen tinh xa xu,’ won Best Supporting Actor and Actress. 
‘Chay an 2’ (‘Bribe the law court to get rid of crime 2’) pocketed the Golden Kite for Best TV series.
The trio ‘Bong dung muon khoc’ (Suddenly want to cry’), ‘Hoa thien dieu’ (‘Bird of paradise flower’) and ‘Gio lang Kinh’ (The wind in the Kinh village’) shared the Silver Kite for the Video feature film.
In the animated feature film, there was no winner for the Golden Kite.
The ‘People’s Artiste’ Hai Ninh received an honorary award for Lifetime Achievement.
The other prizes were:

Celluloid feature film:
-         Best Picture: ‘Cu va chim se se’
-         Most popular film – voted for by the public: ‘Chuyen tinh xa xu’
-         Best adapted screenplay: Chau Tho - ‘Huyen thoai bat tu’
-         Best director: Luu Huynh – ‘Huyen thoai bat tu’
-         Best Cinematography: Nguyen K’Linh – ‘Huyen thoai bat tu’
-         Best art direction: Ma Phi Hai – ‘Trang noi day gieng’
-         Best soundtrack composer: Duc Tri – ‘Huyen thoai bat tu’
-         Best sound mixing: Pham Viet Thanh – ‘Giai cuu than chet’ (‘Saving the death’)
TV series:
-         Consolation prizes: ‘Trau vang nhu y’ (‘Have a child born in the Year of Ox, as expected’) and ‘Kieu nu va dai gia’ (‘Beauties and rich men’)
-          Best director: Nham Minh Hien – ‘Hoa thien dieu’
Video feature film:
-         Golden Kite: ‘Khi phach anh hung’ (‘Heroic spirit’)
-         Silver Kite: ‘Chet luc nua dem’ (‘Die at midnight’), ‘Ruou can dem mua’ (‘Wine-alcohol drink needs a rainy night’) and ‘Con duong sang’ (‘A bright way’)
-         Best director: Nguyen Chanh Tin – ‘Chet luc nua dem’
Celluloid documentary feature film:
-         Golden Kite: ‘Dam may khong dung lai’ (‘The clouds don’t stop moving’)
-         Silver Kite: ‘Dat lanh’ (‘Cold land’)
-         Consolation prizes: ‘Doc ha si’ (‘Corporal slope’), ‘Tram tich’ (‘Sediment’) and ‘Khat vong mot vung dat’ (‘Aspire a land’)
-         Best director: Dao Ba Son – ‘Dam may khong dung lai’
Video documentary feature film:
-         Golden Kite: ‘Nguoi ban lang tham cua Bac’ (‘The quiet friend of Uncle Ho’) 
-         Silver Kite: ‘Dat to que cha’ (‘Fatherland’), ‘Nguoi giai ma cong chieng’ (The person who decoded the Gong’), ‘Nguoi toi cuu mang.com’ (‘nguoitoicuumang.com’)
-         Consolation prizes: ‘Nhip thoi gian – tu kinh do Rong den thanh pho vi hoa binh’ (‘Time rhythms – from the dragon capital to the peaceful city’), ‘Con can cha me’ (‘I need mom and dad’), and ‘Huyen tich nguoi Mong’ (‘Legend of the Mong people’)

All winners on stage at the Friendship Culture Palace March 1 (Photo: SGGP)

Science documentary:
-         Golden Kite: ‘Khong khi va su song’ (‘Air and life’)
-         Silver Kite: ‘Dat trang’ (‘White land’)
-         Consolation prizes: ‘Tieng goi Vooc Cat Ba’ (‘The calling from Vooc Cat Ba’), ‘Cuop taxi – thu doan va cach phong chong’ (‘Taxi thief – how to recognize them and prevent being robbed) and ‘Nuoc ngam canh bao’ (‘The underground water sends its alert’)
-         Best director: Hoang Ngoc Dung and Tran Phi – ‘Khong khi va su song’
Animated feature film:
-         Silver Kite: ‘Tho va Rua’ (‘Rabbit and Turtle’), ‘Hai Ba Trung’ and ‘Chim cut lam to’ (‘Quail makes its nest’)
-         Consolation prize: ‘Tren gia sach’ (‘On the book shelf’)
-         Golden Kite: ‘Nhung van de ly luan kich ban phim’ (Matters about screenplay argument’)
-         Consolation prize: ‘Ho muon gi’ (‘What do they want?’)

The 'Golden Kite Awards' is organized by the Vietnam Cinema Association annually since 2002.

By T.Ha - Translated by Truong Son

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