2015 Int’l Kite Festival opens

The International Kite Festival 2015 opened in the coastal city of Vung Tau in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province on April 24.

This year’s event themed “Flying with Vietnam” attracted 44 local artisans and nearly 50 international kite artists from countries and territories, such as the U.S, France, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Italia, New Zealand, Taiwan (China), Indonesia and others.

Vietnamese artisans will present a famous traditional flute kite, dieu sao vuot cau liem,  dating back over 600 years of the people in the northern province of Thai Binh’s Vu Thu District.
Various cultural activities including a kite exhibition, introduction of delegates, class of designing and making kite, art kite, flute kite, and free kite performances will be organized during the event.

The organization board has launched safety rules about kite flying such as don’t let kites flying near power lines or above crowds, near public streets, highways, airports;  in night, in a thunderstorm or while it is raining.

By Duc Trung – Translated by Kim Khanh

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