2016 New Year Celebration in Hanoi

Hanoi is getting ready to offer a bouquet of festivities for everyone celebrating the New Year 2016, including extravagant countdown parties.

Heineken Countdown Party at Ly Thai To Park is the most popular annual countdown and music party which is equipped with world-class lighting, amazing sound systems and mind-blowing visual effects, featuring top-notch Vietnamese and international singers and DJs.

Yamaha ClearMen Countdown 2015 at Cach Mang Thang 8 Square, in front of Hanoi Opera House will feature the most well-known Vietnamese singers, impressive 3D mapping and lots of surprises and gifts.

“Light of the Future” Countdown Party at Creative Square in Hanoi Creative City will offer music party, dance performance, street artist show and free style dance battle. A 3D mapping project will be presented right before the countdown, which represents Creative, Youth and the Future.

In addition, many music parties and great performances of local and international artists will be organized in entertainment areas and hotels around the capital to celebrate the special moments of New Year’s Eve.

By Kim Khanh

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