50 Kilos of Ancient Money to Be Donated

Mr Nguyen Van Tu, who lives in Phuoc Khanh village, Phuoc My Trung ward, Mo Cay District, Ben Tre province, donated 50 kilos of ancient coins unearthed in his garden to the province’s museum.

Most of the money is square or round shaped with a hole in the center. Besides, Mr Tu also discovered a ceramic vase which was used to hold a kind of lime for betel chewing, and a 55 centimeters rusty scimitar.

According to Ben Tre Museum, the ancient money is casted with copper, with zinc or lead added. The money dates back to the 11th century until the middle of 19th century (1010-1819).

The coins have different names, according to the dynasties in which they were cast: Thien Thanh Nguyen Bao (Ly Dynasty); Thieu Phong Binh Bao (Tran Dynasty); Thanh Nguyen Thong Bao (Ho Dynasty); Canh Hung Thong Bao, Chieu Thong Thong Bao and Thai Hoa Thong Bao (Le Dynasty); An Phat Thong Bao (Mac Dynasty); Quang Trung money and Canh Thinh money (Nguyen Dynasty, in Tay Son period); Gia Long money (Nguyen Dynasty, in Nguyen Anh period).

Canh Hung money (Le Dynasty) accounts for 60% of the found money. Besides, there are 50 Chinese ancient coins.

By T.M.T – Translated by Kim Khanh

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