Art event merges French and VN cultures

Esperantopolis- a multicultural art event merging the cultures of France and Vietnam will be held at 30 Pham Ngoc Thach Street in District 3 on June 24.

           Poster of the Esperantopolis multicultural art event

The free multicultural art event will include various cultural activities like art installations, exhibitions, documentary films, music and fashion shows with participation of Vietnamese and French artists living and working in the country namely Sandrine Llouquet, Freddy Nadolny-Poustochkine, Hoang Duong Cam, Lucien Do, Khoa Le, Phan Quang, Thierry Bernard-Gotteland and Thibaud Tailland.

There will also be a hip hop dance performance by the Destiny Family, a concert by Xoviet, the Jugridoos and DJs.

One of the highlights will be a unique graffiti performance by the famous Parisian graffiti artist Julien Malland, aka ‘Seth’.

The multicultural art event showcasing French and Vietnamese cultures was launched last April for Vietnamese students learning French in colleges, high schools, universities and at Idecaf.

The first event called “On Slam” took place at the Institute for Cultural Exchange with France (IDECAF) attracting around 800 people last year.

Sources Tuoitre, Thanhnien – Translated by Khanh Huy

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