Artist Nguyen Thanh Thuy presents “Poems by zither” performance in Hanoi

A zither (dan tranh ) performance by well-known artist Nguyen Thanh Thuy will take place at the Heritage Space in Hanoi on December 11.

Zitherist Thanh Thuy is on a tour in autumn that brings her to Europe, USA and Vietnam. Her one recital at the Hanoi Heritage Space will be also participated by Meritorious Artist Doan Thanh Binh, one of the leading reciters in the country. Binh is also a Cheo (traditional opera) and ca tru (ceremonial singing) singer.The performance aims to show poetry in music and the encounter between traditional and contemporary music.

The zitherist will present to devotees new works by American composer Bill Brooks, Swedish composer Henrik Frisk, and one that she composed herself.The  new compositions feature recitation and dan tranh accompaniment reminiscent of the chanting developed by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats.

Zitherist Nguyen Thanh Thuy has collaborated with many musicians and composers around the world. She has recorded several CD’s as soloist with orchestra and solo CDs. Since 2000 she holds a teaching position at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. Since 2012 she has carried out an artistic doctoral project at the Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden concerned with gesture in Vietnamese traditional music.

By Kim Khanh

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