Artists, writers told to improve responsibility, create great works

Artists and writers should promote their patriotism, enhance citizen’s responsibilities and create more works of great value, said To Huy Rua, Politburo member, Party Central Committee secretary, head of the Party Central Committee Commission for Propaganda and Education. 

Mr.To Huy Rua, Politburo Member and Secretary of the Party Central Committee, (R, third) talks with some art and literature researchers at the seminar on “ ethnicity and modernity in Vietnam’s art and literature” held in Hoi An City on August 4. (Photo: SGGP)

He was addressing a national seminar on “ethnicity and modernity in Vietnam’s art and literature” held in Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, on August 4 by the Central Council for Theory and Criticism on Literature and Art.

“Resolution 23 by the Politburo attaches great importance to art and literature in the country’s development, considering it an essential need, an aspiration towards the truth, the good and the beautiful, and a great momentum for comprehensive development of the Vietnamese people,” he said.

The line-up of people engaged in the field are like soldiers in the building and developing of art and literature that contains both national identity and modernity, which are two reciprocal factors that helps create the new feature of the country’s art and literature in the contemporary time, he commented.

Therefore, art and literature talents should be treated as a valuable property of the nation, and the giving of care and support to them is a duty of the Party, Government and relevant agencies, he advised.

Of the same opinion, Prof. Tran Dinh Su said national identity and modernity are two properties of national culture, so a harmony between them is required to boost the development of national culture.

Discussing the improvement of the quality of art and literature, as well as literature theory and criticism, Prof. Mai Quoc Lien said it would be done with solutions that contain various factors, including culture, economics and education.

Putting an emphasis on particular characteristics of a culture, poet Huu Thinh said: “There is no culture, no matter how great it is, that can act as a replacement for another culture. Culture should be treated as a crucial factor for any activities in the field of art and literature. Without culture as a base, art and literature creativity can become a temporary fashion for a short time, but it will then easily fall into oblivion.”

By Ng. Khoi – Translated by Truc Thinh

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