Asian street dance performance in Hanoi

The Street dance performances featuring Asian dancers is taking place at the Youth Theater in Hanoi.

Asian street dance performance in Hanoi

The show called “Dance Dance Asia – Crossing the Movements” is a long-term ASEAN project  by the Japan Foundation Asia Center, starting in 2015, aiming to support the exchange and collaboration of Asian regional dance companies / dancers that are based on street dance, including not only hip-hop but variety of genres such as jazz dance, contemporary dance and among.

Now in its third year, Dance Dance Asia presents three performances by a trio of choreographer-directors—Munetaka Maki (MIKEY from Tokyo Gegegay, Japan), Vince Mendoza “Crazybeans” (Philippines), LION T (Vietnam), bringing together dancers from a wide range of cultural backgrounds in a unique fusion of vibrant artistry, expert technique, and exciting music.

By Kim Khanh

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