Australian team wins DIFC 2015

Australia's team, Howard and Sons, won the 2015 Da Nang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC 2015) for its fireworks and musical performance at the festival; Poland's Surex Firma Rodzinna went next and Vietnam and the United States' team—Pyrotec-nico captured the third prize.

Australia's team, Howard and Sons's performance in Han River in the International Fireworks Competition 2015 (Photo: SGGP)

Newcomers fireworks team from the South Africa were awarded the encouragement prize.

The organizing committee yesterday gave prizes to teams in the second night of the festival called "The Symphony of Colors" which wrapped up the event also.

The Australian team, Howard & Son Fireworks, is famous for its fireworks performance in big events in the world. In DIFC 2015, it showcased a spectacular performance and beat Poland's Surex Firma Rodzinna to win the first prize.

Before, the team won the third prize in DIFC 2009. Lately, the team won the champion in the world’s fireworks competition in Mascat (Oman) in 2010 and the International Fireworks Competition Pohang (South Korea) in 2014.

Though it was rainy, the newcomer Fireworks for Africa and Poland’s Surex Firma Rodzinna still finished their performance with glorious firework in the sky.

The competition had attracted teams from five continents, namely South Africa, the United States, Australia, Poland and Vietnam.

Surex Firma Rodzinna is well-known in the Europe with its records of achievement including the first prize of the International Fireworks Competition Pohang (South Korea) in 2014, the champion in the competition in Europe in 2012, the first prize of the tenth Fireworks Competition in Courchevel in France in 2012; the champion in the International Fireworks Competition in Berlin in German in 2011.

By Nguyen Khoi – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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