Australian writer of ‘Life without Limits’ to visit Vietnam

Australian writer Nick Vujicic, whose inspirational autobiography ‘Life without Limits’ chronicles his experience while growing up without a single limb, will pay a visit to Vietnam in May.

Vujicic will start his visit in Ho Chi Minh City on May 22 and conclude in Hanoi on May 26. He plans to give talks to 20,000 students at the National University, meet with disadvantaged children in Hanoi, join a football tournament for street children in HCMC and visit Agent Orange victims in Hoa Binh Village in HCMC.

Since he was born in 1982, Vujicic has suffered from Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare autosomal recessive congenital disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs.

He struggled mentally, emotionally and physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability.

He penned ‘Life without Limits’ in 2010, when he was 27-years-old.

The emotional memoir tells the story of his physical disabilities and the mental battle he endured trying to deal with them as a child and a young adult.

The strong-willed man has gone to 44 countries to deliver over 2,000 motivational speeches about hope and finding meaning in life.

He is now the CEO of the non-profit organization ‘Life without Limits’ that he founded at the age of 17, and director of the ‘Attitude is Attitude’ company.

He married his fiancée, Kanae Miyahara, on February 12 last year and became father of a son on February 13 this year.

Today Vujicic has become an internationally successful speaker and has given more than 1,600 lectures to millions of people around the world.

He calls on young people to find a purpose in life and never give up despite difficulties.

He has authored ‘Life without Limits’ and ‘The Incredible Power of Faith in Action’, both of which have been translated into Vietnamese.

By T.Vy - translated by Dan

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