Biggest Sand Painting of Dong Son Bronze Drum

The biggest sand painting of Dong Son bronze drum will be introduced at the exhibition called “Art of Sand Painting and Dong Son Bronze Drum”, which is held from now until the Vietnamese Tet holidays. This is also a chance for the viewers to learn about the history of sand painting, its development process and creative methods.

Two-third completed sand painting is enough to stun viewers

The painting measures 1.5 m wide x 2.1 m long, made by Kim Sa Fine Art Company from the beginning of September. Even though only two third of the painting has been by now completed, its skilfulness and meticulosity is enough to stun the viewers.

The remaining will be done daily right at the exhibition, 47E Pham Ngoc Thach St. District 1, HCMC. The purpose is to allow the viewers to eyewitness how the artists demonstrate the 're-drawing' step of the vignettes on the surface of the Dong Son bronze drum.

On that painting, the details such as ancient Vietnamese, the scenes of people dancing and singing, grinding rice, boats, houses, deer, flamingos … are all drawn thoroughly and precisely through the combination of different colors of the sand. 

The artists who are making the painting said they had to go to Ha Noi’s History Museum to copy the patterns of the Ngoc Lu bronze drum.

Artist Thanh Son, a member of the artist team, said he admired the delicacy of the bronze drum and modernly artistic skills of ancient Vietnamese people.

Tran Trung Kien, director of Kim Sa, thought that Dong Son bronze drum was a cultural symbol of Viet Nam but not many Vietnamese people, especially the youths, are able to view its beauty with their own eyes. That is why Kim Sa decided to make the sand painting with high accuracy from the original version to greet the coming new year as well as introduce that unique historical feature of Viet Nam to everyone.

The remaining will be done daily at the exhibition.

Kien added, “Although this is a typical type of art in Vietnam, sand-drawn paintings have so far been mainly for foreign markets and tourists. We hope that more Vietnamese people will be aware of sand-drawn paintings after the exhibition”. Kim Sa is also planning to enter the Northern market since there are some orders from Ha Noi.

At the moment, the long term goal of Kim Sa Company and some other companies of the same trade in HCMC is to enhance the position of sand paintings and how to make them elegant, impressive in term of artistic styles, not only in their size or weight.

Another famous sand painting company in HCMC, Van Thien Sa will soon introduce a series of super-thin sand paintings to the public for the first time in Viet Nam.

Besides, a sand painting called “Charming moon” made by Kim Sa will be gifted to the “16th Charming Viet Nam” show, which raises fund for Nguyen Thai Binh Scholarships. The 60x80-cm painting will be auctioned at the opening bid price of USD 1,000.

Source Vnexpress – Translated by Kim Khanh

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