Bilingual photo book about Hue debuts in France

A French-English photo book capturing the charms of the central city of Hue debuted in Paris on December 3.

A visitor is looking at the book. (Source: VNA)

Titled “Hue, the city of crying stones” in English and “Hue, la ville des pierres qui pleurent” in French, the book is a collection of black-and-while and coloured photos featuring the landscapes and people of Hue.

Author Philippe Bouler has produced many exhibitions and events worldwide, including the Hue festival in 2000. He wrote the introduction text for the book, describing Hue as an ageless, romantic and poetic city.

Sebastian Laval, the other author, is a photographer, who previously exhibited photos of 54 ethnic minorities of Vietnam on Trang Tien bridge in 2014. Since his first Vietnam visit in 1995, he has been enchanted by the country.

Speaking with a Vietnam News Agency reporter, Bouler said the book introduces Hue to the public and invites them to visit the city.

On the occasion, some photos from the book were chosen for an exhibition which opened the same day.-VNA

Source: Vietnamplus

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