Book promotion is to look for readers

As there are tens to hundreds of new books are published every day at average, hence, if publishing houses pay little attention to book marketing which is one of the most important steps of selling books readers will not know their books.

At a meeting to introduce new books(Photo: SGGP)

Lately, the book market is excited with coloring books for adults. This kind of books is very well-known and successful in many countries but it is totally new to Vietnamese readers.

Accordingly, publishers focused much on promoting and each of them has its own way to introduce books to readers. For instance, Nha Nam Culture Company organized a competition titled " Color Me Marathon" in which readers will color their pictures.

The competition was so attracted that hundreds of readers partook in and the organizer had to hold the second competition and planned more such competitions.

Meanwhile, Thai Ha Company has organized meetings with readers and made the meetings more attractive by  inviting famous singers and fashion models to the meetings

Not only publishers promote their books but also writers have choosen this way to introduce "their spiritual children". At a book festival, readers were surprised by writer Vi Thuy Linh's book introduction as many kinds of cultural forms including singing, reading poems and musical performance were presented at the meeting.

However, not all people are able to hold such interesting introduction meeting to promote their books. Normally, writers and publishers invite reporters and some famous writers and researchers to a restaurant or coffee to give new books and talk about the book.

However, sometimes this way is inconvenient. For instance, at a meeting to introduce a book by writer Nguyen Ngoc Tu, the organizer did not anticipate the attraction of the writer so the meeting to introduce Tu's book took place in a 20 meter square coffee shop. Consequently, hundreds readers packed into so small coffee shop that they can not see their favorite writer. After the unwanted incident, such meetings have been held in the open air.

Another way to promote book is to post ads on social networks such as facebook. Currently the fee of an annual ads on facebook is around VND200 million (US$8,915). The amount is acceptable.
However noisy introduction of books is sometimes a bad way for promoting reading.

A survey caried out by a forum for reading and buying book showed that up to 60 percent of readers purchased a book just because they heard excited promotion and they did not read through the book.

For instance, as hearing much Japanese writer Murakami, many young readers  tried to buy his book; yet not all of them were able to perceive the good of the Japanese writer's book

Accordingly, Tre (Youth) Publishing House has attached intelligent stamp which guide readers to books that they are interested in. Once activating the stamp, information of readers and their interest of specific books will be kept; and when the publishing house has new books of their interest, readers will be informed.

By staff writer - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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