Books Honored at HCMC Fair

Awards were given to local organizations, individuals and their books at the Fifth Ho Chi Minh City Book Fair 2008 held in Le Van Tam Park yesterday to honor outstanding contributions to the country’s development of literature and arts.

A painting from the book Monographie dessinee de l’Indochine: Cochinchine, this year's winner

The first prize of the fourth Golden Book Contest was given to a set of pictorial books entitled Monographie dessinee de l’Indochine: Cochinchine (Monograph with illustrations of Indochina: Cochin China) which was published in Paris in 1935 by Paul Geuthner Publishing House.

The eight-volume set, which is now being kept in the HCMC General Science Library, is made by the Gia Dinh Fine Arts School. The school collected and compiled student pictures and paintings of landscapes, daily activities, traditions and customs, and religion of the southern region and its people in the 1930s.

Mr. Hoang Minh was given first prize in the magazine category by the HCMC Publishing House, the main organizer of the contest, for his collection of Tao Dan Magazine (1939-1940) and Dong Duong Magazine (1914).

On the same day, Mr. Nguyen Huu Chau Phan of Hue was awarded the top prize in the Second Family’s Bookshelf Contest for his collection of 10,000 books collected during the past 80 years.

The organizing board also granted a special prize for printed technology to the book Souverains et notabilites d’Indochine (Kings and Authorities in Indochina), published in 1943 and currently owned by Mr. Do Cao Loi.

In the afternoon, journalist and author Mr. Vo Phi Hung, who is famous for stories about homeless children, had a meeting with readers to exchange ideas and provide insight into his works. 

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Source SGGP, Viet Nam News – Compiled by Khanh Hong

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