Canadian Artist’s Work Displayed in Ha Noi

50 sculptures and paintings by Jean Côté, one of Canada’s most famous painters and sculptors, will be displayed in an exhibition entitled “Peace” at the Viet Nam Museum of Fine Arts in Ha Noi from March 16 to 25.

A work of Jean Côté

Mr. Côté’s works illustrate well the diversity of Vietnamese culture, especially with regard to spiritual life. Among the items on display are 10 works which were produced during visits the artist made to Viet Nam.

Art is a good way to take snapshots of time, he said. By employing different materials, the artist is able to expresses his experiences, sorrows and passion for the fine arts.

Apart from Viet Nam, where he has had four exhibitions since 2001 (including last year’s “Day and night” exhibit in Ho Chi Minh City), Mr. Côté’s work takes him to many European countries as well.

Jean Côté was born in 1937 in Lac Saint-Jean, Quebec, and studied at the School of fine arts in Quebec City and Montreal's Saidye Bronfman Center for the arts.

Source NLD – Translated by Kim Khanh

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