Chain of concert honors Hanoi’s music in the past, present

“Music Story of the Old Quarter” which is a chain of music shows featuring Hanoi’s music from the past to present will be held at the Center of the Old Quarter’s culture exchange in Hanoi on July 10.


Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam has its proud 1000-year-old history and tradition. The music born here shares the same richness as the city’s history itself: diversified, unique and original.

The July’s performance aims to replicate the footsteps of the city’s music through the history, by using traditional voices, rhythms and beats combined with contemporary installation arts. The show will be performed by leading singers and musicians.

“The Old Quarter’s story of music” is expected to present Hanoi’s culture, history and humans to local and foreign audiences through portraying Vietnamese’s unique music.

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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