City theater troupes busy rehearsing for Tet

In preparation for the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays, Ho Chi Minh City theater troupes are preparing for a host of captivating productions.

Renowned overseas Vietnamese actress Kieu Oanh (L) will perform for HCMC audiences during the upcoming Tet holidays in February (Photo: SGGP)

And this year’s Tet performances look to be bigger and better than ever before.

The HCM City Drama Theatre is cooperating with two overseas Vietnamese artists, Kieu Oanh and Le Huynh, to showcase a comedy program running from January 1-10 of the Lunar New Year (February 14-23).

The theatre is also preparing a special program titled “Nhung chuyen tinh mua xuan” (Love stories in spring) by local playwright Ha Linh and directed by Hoang Duan.

The mini-theater at the Institute for Culture Exchange with France (IDECAF), overseen by manager Huynh Anh Tuan, is rehearsing four new plays by My Dung, Nguyen Quoc, and Le Hoang with directors Vu Minh, Hung Lam and newcomer Huu Chau.  

It is hoped that Chau will breathe new life into the local theater scene during his stint as director.

The Small Stage Drama Theatre in District 3 is putting on a production of “Hop dong nuoi cha” (A contract to serve the father) by Dung Pham and directed by Ngoc Tuong. The play stars several well-known actors including Meritorious Artist Viet Anh, Thanh Hoang, Tuyet Thu and Viet Ha.

During Tet this year, Phu Nhuan Theatre manager Hong Van will perform on three stages including Superpowl, Phu Nhuan, and Kim Chau. She will also perform the drama “Gieng la” (Strange well), which she created with director Doan Khoa.

The Gioi Tre-Sai Gon Phang Theatre, meanwhile, will present its first new dramas for Tet.

Theatre manager and famous comedian Minh Beo said his troupes will perform three new plays during Tet.

They include “Doi hon” (Soul exchange), “Khi nguoi dan ba ghen” (When a woman is jealous), and “Chiec vong hon uoc” (The ring of marriage pledge).

Theater lovers are also anxiously awaiting the launch of the Hoang Thai Thanh Stage invested in by Meritorious Artist Thanh Hoi and Ai Nhu. The new stage is set to show two plays: “Tran gian phai co tinh yeu” (The world must have love), and “Mua bao hiem tinh” (Buying insurance for love).

Director Ai Nhu said that other famous actors will perform alongside her and Hoi in the plays including Le Binh, Kim Khanh, Truong Minh Quoc Thai and Kim Hien.

Other stages like Kich Saigon and Nu Cuoi Moi are similarly putting the final touches on Tet performances.

Traditional cai luong (a southern Vietnamese form of modern folk opera) will also be shown during Tet. Tran Quoc Hung, director of the Tran Huu Trang Cai Luong Theatre said two new shows will be presented during the holidays for HCMC audiences.

By Do Hanh – Translated by Hong Ha

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