City to host ‘2012 Prestidigitation Gala’

                           Prestidigitator Hoang Lang

The 2012 Prestidigitation Gala will be held at the Ho Chi Minh City Circus Theatre at the September 23rd Park on May 11.

Famous prestidigitators including David Hung, Hoang Lang, Taylor, Kao Long, Tong Son, KTay, Thanh Huyen, Ngoc Anh and Anh Tuyet will join the event.
The event is being organised by the Ho Chi Minh City Circus Troupe and Ho Chi Minh City Circus and Prestidigitation Association. The event will run until May 20.

Tickets are priced at VND100,000-VND200,000 per person.

By Do Hanh – Translated by Kim Khanh

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