Classical play marking Vietnam-Singapore ties presents in Hanoi

A classical drama based on one of Singapore's most well-known legends, "Legend of the Red Hill" was performed by the Vietnam National Tuong (Classical Drama) Theater and the Singaporean Chinese Dance Theater at Hong Ha Theater in Hanoi on August 5-6.

Classical play marking Vietnam-Singapore ties presents in Hanoi

The performance aimed to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Vietnam-Singapore diplomatic ties.

The play is a story about a smart boy named Nadim. Once upon  time there were many swordfish in the sea near Singapore. These swordfish caused a great deal of trouble. They flew into boats and sometimes killed fishermen. 
One day, the little boy had a plan and he proposed it to the Sultan. His daring plan was to build a wall made of banana tree trunks along the coast. The swordfish beaks would pierce the banana tree trunks and be embedded in them when they attack. Nadim soon grew popular among the villagers and army. This caused the Sultan to become jealous of the boy. Fearing that this fame would threaten his position as the Sultan, he despatched his soldiers to to kill the boy who lived on top of a hill. As the poor boy died, his blood flew down the hill, soaking the whole hill red. From then on, the entire hill and its vicinity has been known as Red Hill due to its red soil, and in memory of the tragic boy hero.

By NGOC HA - Translated by Kim Khanh

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