Clay painting exhibition on Vietnamese, Korean flowers opens in Hanoi

A clay painting exhibition on Vietnamese and Korean flowers featuring art works by artist Huong Thuy opened at Korean Cultural Center in Hanoi on May 6.

The exhibition displays 27 clay paintings in different sizes themed on flowers as lotus, sesame buds, roses, orchids, daisies, cherry, flowering canola, and others.The art lovers have a chance to enjoy a space of colorful flowers in the typical charming scenery of Korea and Vietnam.

Huong Thuy was born in 1976 in Hanoi and graduated from the Academy of Journalism and Communication. From 1998 – 2008 she was a cultural journalist of Post Newspaper. In 2015, she started making 3D clay flower paintings which is a popular art form in Vietnam and Korea.

Thuy said that the artists must spend many steps to create a lay flower, such as mixing colors, using the roller to make specific thickness depending on the type of flower, cutting each petal, each leaf and shaping them. Sewing each flower requires high level skills to make flowers alive. The artist will paint with details on the petals to have desired flowers,  Pistils and buds are shaped by hand. Then all parts of a flower are bonded and attached to a stick and put into a pot.

The event will run until May 14.

By Kim Khanh

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