Competition “Water and Life” launched to increase young people’s awareness

The Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) and the Communist Youth Union yesterday launched a competition named “Water and Life” in Ho Chi Minh City aiming to raise community’s awareness, especially among young people in protecting and using water resource sustainably.
Vietnamese students at the age from 16 to 25 are eligible for the competition. Students can partake in the competition in groups or individual.

Entries can be solution, initiates, design or changes for available solutions to deal with environment and natural resources management, including three fields such as salinity, drought and water pollution.
In salinity management field, competitors must have solution for saline water sources, solution to reduce salinity and limit infiltration of the salt water as well as solution to manage and forecast development of salt water infiltration.
In drought management, candidates must propose solution to cope with the severe temperature as well as solution to manage and forecast the development of drought, how to effectively use water resources in agriculture, in industry, fisheries and factories.
In polluted water management, entries must point out measures to treat polluted water source, solutions to minimize and reduce water pollution as well as prediction of development of further water pollution.

The award-giving ceremony will be held in December, 2016.

By MINH HAI - translated by Uyen Phuong

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